“Wires X – The Bible”

Interested in learning a little more about C4FM?

The manual was written in 2016 by Dewey L. Hee, WB7OEV. In his prior life, a System Administrator working for the Boeing Company for 38 years.

A few more radios have been released but largely, the system remains unchanged albeit with a few software updates. Dewey provides a good explanation of Wires X, the history, terminology and setting up several of the radios including the HRI-200 interface in one place.

I found this work a handy reference when starting with Wires X / C4FM and those I have referred to it have also found it a worthwhile read. The site is available from:


or the,


Would you like some idea of what is around. The AUS-REPEATER-NET is one option where several repeaters are located around Melbourne. For a little more information of this good work, the AUS-REPEATER-NET has a face-book page – “Yaesu fusion AUS-REPEATER-NET” where recently coverage maps were re-posted on EMDRC’s FB page – including the proposed CBD site which should be up soon. https://www.facebook.com/715668471915023/posts/1147809082034291/ Note that Chris, VK3FY, advises that they have nearly commissioned a website to replace the fb page. The new site once up and running will be at – www.ausrepeater.net

Looking for some of the nodes around that are publicly listed? The following link is provided by Yeasu and columns can be sorted by clicking on the top row, like in Excel. Note there are a number of nodes around that are not listed on this site and also that they may not always be active.

Note that the repeaters around Melbourne set to the AUS-REPEATER-NET ‘room’ cannot be changed. You don’t need to activate the Wires X function on the C4FM radios to use them but you can of course if you wish to.  Some of the local nodes though may be open to changing rooms if the operator allows it. In particular there are a couple of nodes that have AMERICA-LINK and MNWIS which often has traffic or a lot of people sitting on the side. To select a different room on this open nodes, unless you have the FT400 or 991, you will need to know the room ‘number’ which may be found in the ‘DTMF ID’ field on the list in the below link


an example is:

Yaesu’s list of published nodes

Yaesu Fusion Aus-Repeater-Net screenshot below on facebook has some useful information here