• has been developed to assist radio hams in dealing with RF noise. This is an educational and reference resource.

  • Welcome to Amateur Radio guidebook provides an introduction to our hobby for newly licenced Foundation class amateurs. The book is published digitally. It contains many hotlinks to external websites with useful information. It is available as an Acrobat pdf file suitable for reading on a PC or tablet. It can be printed if required. It will also available as an eBook for the Kindle, Nook and Kobo readers as well as the Apple Books app in the next week or so.

  • This information, about the operating procedures for the amateur service, can help prospective amateur operators studying for amateur exams.

  • Amateur radio – Regulatory roles and responsibilities
    If you’re an amateur radio user, you need to know who manages various aspects of this sector.
    This fact sheet sets out regulatory and administrative roles of the ACMA, the Australian Maritime College, and the International Telecommunication Union, how the ACMA engages with amateur operators and where to get more information.

  • ARDF, or Amateur Radio Direction Finding Group, is an exciting branch of amateur radio, attracting people of all ages. Sometimes called Foxhunting or Radio Sport, ARDF is very similar to orienteering, the major difference being that participants use direction-finding equipment to locate radio transmitters, rather than navigating to known points on a map.

  • American Radio Relay League.

  • D-STAR is a new ham radio system which offers digital voice and data communication. It connects repeater sites over microwave links and the Internet and forms a wide area ham radio network. The DSTAR system provides a new capability and functionality to the ham radio world and increases the efficiency of emergency communications.

  • FISTS Down Under is the VK & ZL Chapter of the International Morse Preservation Society.

  • vk3ye dot com is about amateur radio and practical electronics. Keep reading if you like building small radio transmitters and receivers, operating low power or transmitting from the great outdoors. Many articles and videos are for the radio beginner.

  • QTC Magazine, new E-magazine for Amateur Radio operators in Australia. Logon into the QTC FlipBook on your PC or iPad.

  • The RAOTC is always happy to welcome new members and, if you have been licensed, or qualified to hold an amateur licence for 25 years or more, then you are invited to join us. There is also an Associate membership for those who have been licensed between 10 and 25 years.

  • The Radio Amateur Society of Australia (RASA) was formed in late 2017 to promote the hobby and improve representation of Amateur Radio Operators in Australia with the Government regulator. Podcast Link

  • Established in 1998 the Radio and Electronics School (R&ES) is Australia’s premier online resource for those seeking to begin a career in radio and electronics.

  • Tony VK3TZ – providing amateur radio operators with alternative products not currently available easily in Australia.

  • Radio Society of Great Britain.

  • This is a great on-line resource for the younger members of your Radio Club as well as new members and the not so young. It’s a breath of fresh air and a great amount of effort has gone into the website.

  • Strictly Ham Pty Ltd is our local amateur radio equipment retailer and a proud supporter of the EMDRC. See you at the Toy Shop.

  • This site provides information for CW (Morse Code) radio operators in VK (*) and lists numerous activities you can participate in.

  • Yagi – design and modelling program.

  • The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is the World’s first and oldest National Radio Society, being founded in 1910. The WIA is a member of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) and represents Amateur Radio Operators in Australia to the various government bodies.

    AR Magazine, copies from 1933 to 2012. Link World Radio History

  • Learning - Jules Workshop

    Jules developed a fee free and advertisement free web site for anyone to help them prepare for their examinations.

    The site is

    The Advanced material is based on the syllabus and the Foundation material is based on the Foundation manual and syllabus.

    Since the initial launch of the website, a process of continuous improvements was implemented.

    The site now has more questions and answers in all categories. Errors corrected and explanations reformatted for easier reading.