Special Awards

These awards have been presented at the discretion of the committee:

1980    Classes Tony Burt VK3VLX (Junior)

1983    Committee Ken Palliser VK3GJ

1999    Special Award Gwen Tilson VK3DYL

2002    Special Award John Longayroux,VK3ZJH

2003    Junior’s Award Scott Hayward VK3USH

2007    Committee Bryan Pliatsios VK3HXR

2008    Committee Carl Schlink VK3EMF

2008    Special Award Gwen Tilson VK3DYL

2008    Special Award Jonas Sadauskas VK3VF

2011    Certificate of appreciation Peter Forbes VK3QI; Jean Fisher VK3VIP; Keith Proctor VK3FT & Ray Dean VK3RD

2021    Special Committee Award David Williams VK3RU & Jaimie Hall VK3TZE