Jack Gutcher Award

In memory of Jack Gutcher VK3APU, who was a foundation member of the Mountain and District Group, a small group of Amateurs who helped to operate the local civil emergency group for Mt. Dandenong and districts. Jack helped form a radio club for the Eastern suburbs, known today as the EMDRC, where he was foundation Treasurer for many years, later holding many other active positions. He became a Silent Key in 1978 at the age of 60.

In its first year, the Award was to be presented as a Junior Award to the most regular attender and proficient operator on Club Nets. Conditions may be changed each year at the discretion of the committee. The following is a list of recipients with the year in which the award was presented:

1980    David Rowntree VK3BTF (Junior)

1981    David Tilson VK3VKH (Junior)

1982    Max Dawkins VK3TR

1983    Graeme Hattwell VK3NGH

1984    Harry Kraehenbuehl VK3KBA

1985    Derek Dawkins VK3KX

1986    Len Vermeulen VK3COD

1987    Ray Graf VK3CT

1989    Derek McNiel VK3BYA

1991    Andrew Czompo VK3JAC/PAC & Aaron Elliott VK3AJQ

1993    Bruce McCubbin VK3SO

1994    Stephen Dench VK3CSD

1995    Sergio Fontana VK3VCL

1996    John LongayrouxVK3ZJH

1998    Jack Bramham VK3WWW

1999    Jonas Sadauskas VK3VF

2000    Keith Proctor VK3FT

2001    Peter McDonald VK3DI

2002    Robert Broomhead VK3KRB

2003    Carl Schlink VK3EMF

2004    TBC

2005    TBC

2006    Bryan Pliatsios VK3HXR

2007    John Fisher VK3ARK

2008    Colin Perger VK3KWM

2009    JMMFD team: Jack Bramham VK3WWW; Max Chadwick VK3WT; Peter Forbes VK3QI; Mike Subocz VK3AVV; Peter Young VK3MV; John Longayroux VK3PZ; David Ryan VK3DLR; Jim McNabb VK3AMN; Callum Peutril VK3FSDP & Cameron Branden

2010    Mark Flanders VK3FMGF

2011    Richard Holmes VK3TXD

2012    Marshall Graham VK3MRG

2015    Andrew Scott VK3BQ

2018    Peter Hartfield VK3PH

2019    Luke Erlacher VK3UKW

2020    Martin Phillips VK3TMP

2022    Luke Erlacher VK3UKW