Southern Cross Award

The Southern Cross Award is issued by the Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club Inc. to licensed amateurs and SWLs who confirm through the submission of a signed log the required number of contacts as follows:

VK3 stations are required to work 15 financial Club members plus ONE of the Club Callsigns, VK3ER, VK3BNW or a Special Call run by the Club, e.g. VI3GP.

DX and interstate stations require 5 contacts plus ONE of the Club Callsigns as above.

A member and / or Club callsign can only be claimed once per application. Contacts made on the Club Repeater VK3REC are legitimate. However, contacts with either Club members or a Club callsign during both the Wednesday night and Sunday morning Club nets are not eligible for the purpose of the Award.

Submitting Application

An applicant must submit a legible log showing the date, time, band (MHz), mode, callsign, and operator name of the station worked. The full name, address, callsign (except SWL) and signature of the applicant are required on the log.

Band or mode endorsements are available upon request.The following fee is to accompany the application:

$A5.00 for posting within Australia.
$A15.00 for posting outside Australia.

Applications for the Southern Cross Award are to be forwarded to

Applications to the Awards Manager
EMDRC Inc PO Box 8040
Burwood Heights, Victoria 3151

Download: Southern Cross Award Form