The Foundation Courses – are generally held 9:30am- 5:00pm on the Saturday and assessment on the Sunday morning. Courses are free to EMDRC members.

Interested applicants are invited to join the EMDRC to attend the course for free. Exam costs are as follows, $70 for all exams or $35 if you are under 18 years old.

Initial licences cost $78, annual renewals are $53. Variations to licenses cost $49, Callsign (next available) $5 or a requested Callsign $20, which are pass on to the WIA.

Please bring a passport sized photo with you on the day (if you don’t your new license application will be delayed). You will also need to have a copy of the foundation manual. You can typically buy one from the club on the day however we do ask that you advise us so we can ensure we have sufficient stock. Alternatively you can buy one from the WIA directly by clicking here.

If you are interested in attending a course, please email the Learning Organiser, at , to register your interest.

Foundation Course – Day 1

You will have a full day of training that alternates between theory and practical sessions where you will be able to exercise your understanding of the concepts just learned. Weather permitting, we will spend time both inside and outside the classroom (our Clubrooms) where you will have a great opportunity to examine the Club’s own working Amateur Radio station and have access to the Club’s technical library.

Foundation Course – Day 2

The remainder of the course material will be covered. To obtain this license you will need to pass a 25 multiple choice written exam and a hands on practical assessment. The pass mark for the written exam is 70% and time allowed is 30 minutes. You must however pass 100% of the practical component (its not as difficult as it sounds)

Please understand that if you decide to sit for the course, we will require payment in full at Registration. We apologize that we do not have EFT or Credit card facilities available.

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