Foundation Courses

The Foundation Courses – are generally held 8:30 am- 4:00 pm on the Saturday and assessment on the Sunday morning. Courses are free to EMDRC members.

Interested applicants are invited to join the EMDRC to attend the course for free.

ACMA recognition certificate application $45.20.

Some form of photo identification (passport, drivers licence etc.)

All information relating to Examinations and Callsigns are to be found at  Link ACMA

Fees are here: Amateur radio-related fees | ACMA

3 letter callsign is: $41.45

Totals cost: $86.65 (ACMA will send invoice – no payments need to be made until after we submit the paperwork).

The Manual to study for the Foundation Licence. Foundation Level Study Guide (FLSG) 

Next Foundation Course – TBA

Foundation Course – Day 1

You will have a full day of training that alternates between theory and practical sessions where you will be able to exercise your understanding of the concepts just learned. Weather permitting, we will spend time both inside and outside the classroom (our Clubrooms) where you will have a great opportunity to examine the Club’s own working Amateur Radio station.

Foundation Course – Day 2

The remainder of the course material will be covered. To obtain this license you will need to pass a 25 multiple choice written exam and a hands on practical assessment. The pass mark for the written exam is 70% and time allowed is 30 minutes. You must however pass 100% of the practical component (its not as difficult as it sounds)

For further information or to register your interest in attending a Foundation Course log into EMDRC Foundation Course on Peter VK3PH website for more details.