Charlie White Award

Charlie was a keen member of the club and was well known for his “Dingo” 2 m antennas. He celebrated his half-century of being licensed as an amateur radio operator in 1982, and became a Silent Key in 1985.

The Charlie White Award is presented by the club at the AGM each year to a member in recognition for services performed for the hobby. The following is a list of recipients with the year in which the award was presented:

1989       Phil Gardner, VK3PMZ

1991       Joe Magee, VK3BKI

1993       Phil Gardner, VK3GMZ

1996       Glenn Alford, VK3CAM

1997       Bryan Ackerly, VK3YNG

1998       Leigh Philips, VK3HLP

1999       Shannon O’Keeffe

2001       Tim Broomhead, VK3HTB

2001       Sam Jackson, VK3HXR

2004       TBC

2005       TBC

2007       Graeme Downie, VK3ZGD

2008       Richard Holmes, VK3TXD

2009       Callum , VK3FSDP

2011       Matthew Dulak, VK3EVL

2011       Emily Garlick-Sloman, VK3FEGL

2012       Wayne Merry, VK3WAM

2013       Ralph Parkhurst, VK3LL

2014       Damien Ayres, VK3KQ

2015       Peter Forbes, VK3QI

2016       Ralph Parkhurst, VK3LL

2017       Peter Cossins, VK3BFG

2018      Jack Bramham, VK3WWW

2019      Layton Moss, VK3CLJ

2020     Andrew Scott, VK3BQ