Advanced and Standard Courses

If you are interested in attending a course, please email Learning Organiser, at, to register your interest.

Standard & Advanced Licence Courses

This year’s training courses are now running under the new format, utilising the resources of the RES (Radio and Electronics School).

The RES provides the training materials in the form of instructional videos and drill questions to test understanding.
The EMDRC provides the support for students in the form of both face to face question and answer sessions and an online forum for faster resolution of issues in between Saturday face to face sessions.

It is highly recommended that the students have access to Ron Bertrand’s excellent book.

Text for the course

Radio Theory Handbook – Beginner to Advance by Ron Bertrand VK2DQ – Kindle Edition

The Advanced course uses this book for training text as well as drill questions to test understanding.

On Saturday 31st August and Saturday 14th September the teaching staff will be in attendance at the club rooms to assist students with any questions that they have. Start time will be 1.00 PM.
Please advise if you plan to attend.

Email for more information

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