‘Phone’ Laugh

from Rod VK3FRLS who relates this tale.
I don’t really know if this rather amusing incident actually meets your “radio” criteria as a story, but it is true.
Many years ago when I was just an impressionable lad, I made friends with a guy I worked with at the time. He drove a rather well looked after Holden FJ in which I was a regular passenger. Sitting on the front seat beside him was an old rotary dial  telephone. I often wondered why he carried it about in the car, but was somewhat reticent to ask. He was an imposing character as far as I was concerned and being a lot older, I perceived wisdom well beyond my tender years.
The answer came one day as we pulled up next to a Jaguar. In it were a couple that were quite obviously a class well above ourselves, as the woman cast a rather disparaging look at my friends pride and joy. On the rear of the Jaguar was a large black aerial, denoting the installation of a wireless telephone. A very luxurious addition way back in the late 1950s.
My friend, who was most certainly a blue collar warrior, picked up the telephone receiver and pretended to have a conversation, while the woman suddenly looked at him in shock and some amazement. Now he had her attention, he wound down his window and gestured to her to do the same. When she complied, he thrust the receiver out the window and said, “Its for you”. With that, the Jaguar sped off through the red light, luckily missing any unwary on-coming traffic. We just sat through two sets of lights laughing.


Thanks Rod. A good chuckle. Regards Ed.