Digital Display

Paul, VK3ZT thought readers may be interested in this little device that has been around for a little while. Paul says his mate in the UK has used it successfully. Anyone else tried this device? Drop us a line if you have any comments.

There are a couple of options available on eBay with further details on both options:

Pre-Built version

Kit version

A summary on the YouTube site:

“CatDisplay is an easy to connect external 3.5” TFT display for the Yaesu FT-857/D & FT-897/D transceivers. A version is available for FT-817/ND transceivers. It is a 3.5” TFT screen & microcontroller that plugs into the transceiver CAT port. It is powered by the port and reads EEPROM data from the transceiver, detects & decodes any changes then updates the display. The custom algorithm also monitors transceiver use and slows down data requests when idle. CatDisplay reads information , it does not write information to the transceiver and cannot be used to control it. Unlike computer programs that control the transceiver, CatDisplay will not cause EEPROM wear and will therefore not cause damage to the transceiver. Firmware updates are very easy to do but does require a Windows computer & a USB to serial adapter.”

Video overview

See the related short video here on upgrading the firmware:


There is no affiliation with this item, merely a contribution that may be of interest to others, Ed.