Antennapalooza 2020

by Dave VK3FDRS

Over the past weekend 13 – 15 March 2020 I was able to attend the Antennapalooza at Ian VK3BUF & Dianne Jackson’s property in Drouin West.

Over the weekend we had approximately 30 attendee’s which was a very good turn out by all. The topics ranged from an introduction of what we could expect over the weekend to a few stories of an EX inspectors experiences in tracking down interference as an industry professional.

Chris VK3QB gave us a walk through of the QRM GURU web site and the resources used in resolving interference issues.

Bob Tait VK3XP spoke about using Ultrasonics for tracking down power line interference.

Ian VK3BUF spoke about working with ferrite devices as a method of noise and interference reduction.

We then had a workshop on constructing a non-resonant DF loop antenna (Kits available for $20).

In the evening around a very hot camp fire we had some videos of the QRM GURU videos and a Q 7 A on interference reduction.

On the Sunday Chris VK3QB gave a update on RASA followed by Jim VK3AMN who demonstrated his method for launching wire antennas into trees, and Finally Bruce VK3BRW as previously mentioned as a radio inspector and spoke about his experiences in tracking down interference.

Despite the very cold nights (9c) it was a very good weekend and I’m sure all in attendance enjoyed is well.

I thank Ian and Diann for having and holding the event.



Good stuff Dave. Regards Ed.