Antenna Launcher exemption in Victoria (only)

Thanks to our friends at ARV who I understand were instrumental in driving this change that will allow the use of antenna launchers after being a prohibited weapon in Victoria for so long. 

But – let’s not abuse this privilege otherwise we could as easily lose it. A key part appears to be no ‘home brew’ it would appear as the ‘and’ below is a must, not an ‘or’: Antenna launcher means a prohibited weapon prescribed in item 16, 17 or 19 of Schedule 2 to the Control of Weapons Regulations 2021 that is – (a) designed for or adapted to erect radio equipment including a cable, line or antenna; and (b) manufactured and intended for commercial distribution. (PS, Perhaps carry your AR license and the Gazette document with you, read the article and ensure you understand it and comply. You may find you need to politely enlighten anyone who may challenge you.)

or we have put a copy here