AllStar – how to do it:

Stewart VK3PR, Wayne VK3WG,


Allstar is a means of conversing with digital voice over the internet from an FM amateur hand held radio to another Allstar node anywhere in the world. It provides direct amateur to amateur call and connection to nets including some connected to FM repeaters.

It is not too hard to construct and program with some help from your friends. There are free apps for PC and Android and iPhone to add to its enjoyment.

The parts needed are:

  • Raspberry Pi3 or Pi4. Pi4 has more features we do no need here.
    16 GB micro SD card.
  • SHARI Pi3U or Pi3V. One is UHF and the other model VHF. Same price. It can be bought assembled or for assembly, which is not difficult. We suggest using solder paste. Internet connection via ethernet or WiFi.
  • FM handheld for the band chosen. Baofeng UV 5R or 888 is cheap to dedicate to AllStar.

Order your SHARI from

Apply to Allstar-link for a node number at

To build your SHARI Node there is help from the Builders Club:

The SHARI plugs into the Pi. Assembly and programming are described in youtube videos by K1GMM in three parts. There are many videos on youtube that describe the process:

You don’t need a SHARI and can build your own Allstar node using a cheap radio and a CM108 sound fob. Here are instructions to build your own node: to build your node should cost around $60 -80 AUD in parts and a little bit of soldering.

Node Remote is a phone based app to easily connect and disconnect nodes and DVSwitch mobile is used to operate your node from your Android phone. Both on Play Store, free with no ads.

Supermon for Allstar is a PC based control program to control your node from a PC.


Meanwhile put Droid Star on your phone as, along with other digital modes, it works with Allstar when your node is set up.

SHARI Pi3U US$65.00 (assembled US$90.00) Raspberry Pi AU$58.10

Case AU$8.00 up depending on style. Cheapest in illustration above. Baofeng UV-5R AU$29.50

16 GB micro SD card AU$20.00. (4 GB is plenty if you can find one)

Here’s the rub. The suppliers will not use US post. It is couriered by DHL at a cost of ~US$100.00. the postage is fast and should only be a few days from the U.S
The postage is the same for 3 SHARIs. Maybe the same for even more.
We bought 3 SHARI Pi3Us to share the cost of postage.

Stewart VK3PR, Wayne VK3WG, 30/6/2121