40 Amp Power Supply, Anderson Powerpole Mod

Damian, VK3KQ comes up with a neat little mod…

Recently the Club managed to secure some Manson Switching 40 A Bench top power supplies. Great value for money but lacking in one important item.

As the EMDRC is a prevalent user of Anderson poles I thought the power supply was not complete without a Anderson Pole ‘chassis mount connector’ on the rear.

It is an easy Mod.

There is more than enough space on the left hand side of the rear to mount the connector.

I marked a rectangle approx. 20mm in from left hand side and 12 mm down from the top.

The tool of choice is a drill attaching nibbler or hand nibbler to cut out a rectangular hole 25mm x 32mm in size.

Clean up with mild file and the chassis mount and it will fit nicely.

Use 45A Anderson crimp connectors for full current draw with suitable cable.

Altronics have an Auto cable W4158 that will do nicely. See Cable assembly pics.

You need to remove the front panel to access the rear of Banana sockets as per Pic’s.

A couple of 5mm circular ring crimps Altronics H2061A again do nicely.

Run the cable down the side and fit Anderson crimps into cassis mount plus I paralleled up another 2 cables with 45A crimps for good measure.

Heatsrink, cables ties and some epoxy glue and all done. 40A at the rear. Perfect for next field day or around the shack.


Damian VK3KQ

Ed – thanks to Damian for a very tidy little article.

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