Projects for the amateur

Drew VK3XU

EMDRC April Club Night

Drew VK3XU gave an excellent presentation tonight on some of his projects to an enthusiastic audience.

With many years of practical development to hand, not to mention four very handy project books – Projects for the amateur – and numerous articles written for magazines, Drew provided an overview of some of his favourites. Drew’s work is known for being well researched and presented. 

Drew opened up some of his work to display fine construction techniques and a focus on simplicity. Presented in a professional way, it turns out the Drew also makes his own cases. Fine work indeed.

Some examples included a very cost effective dummy load, that will handle 100w for extended periods, with a 40db attenuated feed for further analysis. Drew explained that the measurement of power can always be a little tricky to display accurately.

Drew prefers to measure in volts and apply the known resistance to obtain power.

 Other projects included a combined power and swr meter, capacitance measuring noise bridge, a handy dip meter with a clear demonstration of their use and finally a very practical demonstration of the oscilloscope and practical uses.


Martin VK3TMP