Vale – Peter Hendy VK3PIH

EMDRC is saddened to lose a member with the recent death of Peter Hendy on 7 October 2021, aged just 65 years.

Peter, who came to amateur radio late in life, had been a keen member of the Club for the past couple of years . He enjoyed a wonderful life with his wife Debbie during all the Victorian COVID lockdowns aboard his yacht ‘Serenity’ in Queensland waters. ‘Zoom’ enabled him to overcome the distance and participate in the Club’s meetings over the past two years.

Tom de Mamiel (VK3FTOM) and Emma Mackey (VK3MUM) represented the Club at Peter’s memorial service on 8 November 2021. The service was held at the Wattle Park Chalet in Wattle Park, Surrey Hills, the suburb in which Peter grew up.

Peter’s family and motorcycling friends attended a private burial for Peter at the Box Hill Cemetery the previous week. A short film of the burial service (including the impressive motorcycle cavalcade following the hearse) was shown at the beginning of the service.

Peter’s service was filled with warm and loving memories from family and friends about his lifelong passion for boats, motorbikes, being on the water and whisky! His motorbike collection was parked by the Chalet’s door to welcome us! But what shone through most brightly in the speakers’ recollections was Peter’s love for his wife Debbie and his son and daughter. Although Peter owned his own business, the speakers all noted that he always made time to be home to see his children before dinner as they were growing up. Peter loved nothing more than taking family and friends houseboating on Lake Eildon or on motorbike trips. Such was the depth of Debbie’s love for Peter, she got her motorcycle licence and her own bike early in their relationship!

Peter’s service was followed by refreshments in the lovely Spring sunshine in the Chalet’s private garden.

Poignantly, Peter’s EMDRC name badge was displayed on the table of his treasured possession at the service.

RIP Peter Hendy.

Contributed by Tom de Mamiel (VK3FTOM) and Emma Mackey (VK3MUM)

Editor’s note – Many thanks to Emma for attending the service and writing this thoughtful note. We have heard from many members who expressed their respect for Pete and how impressed they were with the fullness of his life. A recording of his service can be viewed via the following link: