Spring Festival

2018 – Nunawading – Peter VK3PH

Each year the City of Whitehorse invite its community groups to participate in the Spring Festival and the EMDRC was once again represented by club members – thanks to Jack VK3WWW for arranging the stand as a part of the EMDRC commitment to community.

The purpose of the spring festival is to celebrate all the fun, fabulous and quirky talents that make Whitehorse great! Enjoy rides, activities, live music, face painting, interactive workshops, roving performers and the opportunity to engage with the many community groups participating on the day!

This year’s theme celebrated and showcased the importance of artistic life in Whitehorse. From visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, ceramics etc.) to performing arts (theatre, dance, music, acrobatics etc.), to literary arts (writing and reading), the event was a hive of activity and creativity. We even had a visit from the Mayor.

Mayor of Whitehorse Cr Andrew Davenport (R) met with the EMDRC team – here with Peter VK3PH

Both Jack and Peter commented afterwards on the awareness CR Davenport had of the EMDRC group and its participation in this important community celebration hosted by Whitehorse. EMDRC is able to reciprocate the support the City has provided the club through our participation.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein


Thanks to the team that made this all work in 2018. Certainly the response from Cr Davenport was very encouraging. Regards Ed.

Display of community related activities

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Gear setup

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