Antenna Analyser.

Dieter, VK3FFB, has created a user forum for the VA-VA5 antenna analyser and is indeed enthusiastic about it. Dieter shared the following email with the club recently:

Trust, you and your are well, in spite of the presently cold wx in Victoria.

I thought I mention a new acquisition I made for myself at xmas. It is a new type of antenna analyser, designed by Michael DG5MK, using quite revolutionary principles.

It uses selective detection, so that received signal power does not falsify the impedance measurement. Naturally, it also has a highly accurate LCR meter function and a signal generator function. I have been using the instrument extensively and am very impressed. I do have a large “boatanchor” Agilent 8753ES network analyser but having a small instrument for direct measurements at the antenna, is something quite different.

More info on the FA-VA5 can be found here:

I have also created a user forum for the FA-VA5 which is endorsed by Michael, DG5MK:

It would be great, if you cared to join the user group. Please send this info also to other potentially interested hams.




Thanks for thinking of us at EMDRC Dieter. So, have a look and if inclined, sign up! Regards Ed.