A 6m Coax vertical antenna

By Martin VK3TMP, Darrin VK3VDP and David, VK3RU

OK, we (not David) are a little slow and so late for the summer but we became enthused to have a play with 6m. A quick search revealed a neat little flowerpot antenna project on the ‘net by VK2ZOI using coax. I recall Bob, VK3AIC built one for 2/70 over a year ago and we covered it in an article – https://www.emdrc.com.au/simple-dual-band-antenna-flower-pot/ There is a link to John, VK2ZOI’s, site there also if interested.

Back to 6m. David recalled a tale where in the old days 52.525 was a very common (simplex) call frequency on AM and later FM and so it begins. My in-laws lived in Leeton NSW and the drive up there is a pretty boring run but we did at least 2 or 3 times a year. My interest in 6m was renewed around that time when I picked up a FM900 and converted to 6 including 52.525, and so it was installed in the old EB Fairmont. I was banned from having it on unless the squelch was fully on but one occasion, somewhere out the back of Jerilderie NSW cruising along, suddenly like he was in the car behind, a CQ call from VK4KK (I think it was KK), so I worked him. Remember full squelch and 599 copy. Even the kids were impressed, so thats the sort of thing you can expect on 6.

David found a picture of the antenna adapted for 6m by Max 3WT for installation on his old EB Fairmont which certainly worked. 

The PL259 adapter is similar to my recently made 40m adapter.

Anyway, an hour or so of mucking around in the workshop (garage) and we have a couple of units with slightly differing properties but overall, quite usable.

Scanning with a Sark mini 60 showed a fair result across the band that I think is good enough without fiddling around. Those results were:

f SWR Ohm
50.500 1.89 93
51.000 1.51 52
51.500 1.23 34
51.860 1.12 50
52.000 1.24 58
52.500 1.24 58
53.000 1.3 65
53.250 1.32 58
53.500 1.34 50
53.750 1.36 38
54.00 1.4 31


 Regards Ed.


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