CFA Antenna Mod

Originally written by Craig VK3CMC (quite a few years ago and buried in the club’s archives. Thanks to Jon, VK3PZ who dug it out.)

“As many of the EMDRC members will know by now, Carl

VK3EMF, organized the collection and distribution of

a number of ex-CFA 163 MHz colinear antennas. Some

members procured them as spreaders for antennas, while

others saw an advantage in the conversion to 2M of an antenna

with an approximately 6dB gain. All that was required

was a few months wait for a Coffee Shop instructional

evening with Henry Hake VK3ACW, who gave a fairly detailed

description of the modifications required.’ 

To read more, click here: CFA Antenna1

David, VK3RU has recently revisited this project, article to follow.


Regards Ed.


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