EMDRC Car Boot Sale

Sunday 22 October 2023

at the EMDRC Clubrooms, 

“Sellers Guide”

EMDRC is holding the first of a number of ‘pop-up’ mini ‘hamfest’ / car-boot events at our clubrooms. Sellers will register for a spot to park their car and sell their wares, surplus kit and parts. Some tables are also available upstairs. Please read and lodge your interest via the treasurer’s email address who will provide further details.

Free entry for buyers and ‘tyre-kickers’

Sellers – (Open to club members and non-members)

A number of tables will be available upstairs as will a couple of dozen car spaces around the grounds to the north side of the path, east of the clubroom where items are offered for sale/trade from the boot. Note: the grass area is sloping / undulating and there are stairs to the second level. The venue has no specific provision for disabled access.

Car space on the grass – $10. 

Upstairs table (1800x 700) – $20 each. Maximum of 2 tables per seller if available.

Where: 13a McCubbin St, Burwood East.

Time: Arrive and setup up from 8am via McCubbin St entrance. 

Selling b/w 10am – 1pm.  


  • Trading Time: We ask that no trading occurs outside 10am to 1:00pm. Noise to be kept to a minimum as it is a Sunday please as residences abut the site. Immediate residents will be advised by letter drop prior to the event.
  • Seller Access – 
      • Car Boot: Vehicles down the drive from McCubbin St  and will be guided into a park on a first in basis to car boot area. The site is uneven and the safe access and egress is a priority so designated locations will not be granted. Last access for vehicles at 9:40am. No exit until closing – after 1:00pm (By exception and not unless approved by the safety officer and escorted by a traffic warden). Vehicles parked nose out with boots to centre of area. A tarpaulin spread on ground immediately behind  vehicle. Tables may not be suitable due to slope. Any shade erected is not to extend beyond the width of the vehicle or impede foot or vehicle traffic and be securely fixed so as to prevent it injuring a person or property.
      • Indoor tables will be upstairs. (Unfortunately we cannot offer disabled access upstairs due to building limitations). Set-up from 0800, no seller vehicle access after 9:40am – the  driveway will be closed. Seller car parking on-site subject to space. NO TRAILERS. Rear and front stairs will be open to bring in items.
      • Upon request, access for upstairs table set up may be obtained between 1pm and 4pm on the Saturday. No responsibility is accepted by EMDRC for security of any property left unattended.
      • No onsite vehicle access or parking for buyers until after the event – bring a trolly. McCubbin St has some high density residential premises. 
  • Foot Access: The site is limited due to its age, uneven ground and stairs to the second level. The venue has no provision for disabled access.
  • Vehicle Egress/Exit post event – Wardens will be on site for setup and close until 2:30pm. All vehicles are to exit. Drivers must be aware of pedestrian traffic and ensure safe passage in a shared space. NB the bollard at the entrance will be open only during setup and finish as the area remains open to the public and emergency access needs to be maintained.
  • Weather – as the car parking for the boot sale is on sloping grass, an assessment will be made based upon the weather forecast to as to safety. Any cancellation of the car boot element will be advised and monies refunded upon request.
  • No testing equipment will be provided by the club on the day.

BBQ – sausage sizzle, drinks, cold and hot tea/coffee available for purchase first thing.

Sellers – How to book a spot either inside or a car boot on the grass.

Spaces are limited so hurry and book! Contact Peter for your registration at

Bookings accepted on a first-in basis with payment received within 7 days to the EMDRC account – details provided by Peter upon availability. If payment not received for any reason within seven (7) days the booking will be reallocated. Do not send monies until confirmed by Peter that you have an allocated spot/table


EMDRC is not responsible for any items that you sell or dispose of. Good practice is that any untested mains powered devices are to have the plug removed upon sale.

Cancellation of a booking is at the sole discretion of a EMDRC Committee member should conduct be considered not in the spirit of Amateur Radio or the EMDRC.