Latest Past Events

Monthly Meeting August 2022 – Rob Sherwood (NC0B) from Colorado

EMDRC Club Rooms 13a McCubbin St, Burwood

“Rob Sherwood (NC0B) from Colorado, USA. Rob Sherwood’s name has become something of a standard internationally in the radio amateur equipment world as a trusted comparison guide to the technical performance of a wide range of transceivers. Rob, has presented extensively in the US and overseas, on a range of subjects, in particular “RX TX […]

Foundation Course 30 – 31 July 2022

EMDRC Club Rooms 13a McCubbin St, Burwood

The course is scheduled for a Saturday 30 July with examinations on the Sunday 31 July, to be held in our clubrooms in Burwood. To see the course details, have a look at the Foundation Licence Courses page. If you would like more information or are interested in attending the Foundation Course, please contact the […]

Monthly Meeting July – Radiosonde auto-rx

EMDRC Club Rooms 13a McCubbin St, Burwood

Michaela VK3FUR will be giving a presentation about the Sondehub balloon tracker database. She is one of the main developers and maintainers of the project along with Mark VK5QI. Sondehub aggregates telemetry data from community run radiosonde receiver stations. Radiosonde weather balloons are launched from numerous weather organisations around the world, with the data used […]