Bargain Find

John VK3JO recent brought in to the club for the weekly  coffee and chat session held each Thursday – 10 til noonish.

VK3JO John and his SONY bargainJohn’s find was a ‘not working’ SONY ICF-2010 (ICF-2001D) (1984~2003) – claimed by some to be Sony’s “Best” Portable SW Receiver that he picked up at his local favourite ‘Savers’ haunt.

For the princely sum of $7, John’s ‘not working’ receiver soon had the skirts lifted. It turns out that the radio only required a couple of AA batteries for the memory installed first – possibly a known connector issue, then operating on either ‘D’ cells or AC adapter to get it up and running as good as new!

VK3JO SONY ICF-2010 (ICF-2001D) (1984~2003)

Now $ 7 is a bargain in anyone’s language when a nice little radio is quickly brought back to life, but it turns out that a quick look at eBay has this radio in the UK advertised for around E360 and in the US at $1000USD or more!

Outside the US it was sold as the ICF-2010D and is claimed by some to be the best Rx Sony produced.


Thanks for bringing the new muse in John, Regards Ed.