Assembled. It’s around 3/4 wavelength so how do you photograph that!

A neat 6Mtr J Pole

A beaut 6Mtr J pole that stores elements inside itself and fed with coax. Roger recently brought along this neat unit to Thursday’s coffee meeting.

Those of you who know Roger, and many do, have seen many practical approaches to amateur radio. This example is no exception and is useful for a couple of very good reasons, one of which is that it works – and secondly, much of it packs within itself for easy and safe transport inside the car!

No doubt, some of you will spot in Rogers description – published a little while ago – that material was sourced from BBC Hardware hi. The pdf file is one page and contains quite enough to guide the construction. A few photos were taken to assist. The photos may be a little unclear, however, the photos are aligned with the diagram in the pdf.

The middle element is stored in the right hand side of the J Pole (shield side), the top section is in the radiating element. These drop in and sit down on their collars. The collars sit the middle and top elements correctly for the total 3/4 radiating element length, secured with a sheet metal screw. When erected, hose/python clamps snug it all together.  

The rest of it I will leave to Roger to complete the story in his pdf document. Click on the link below to view. (You may need to page back in your browser to get back to the photos if this doesn’t open in a new tab)

VK3BKR 6mtr J pole – Article & diagram

I’m happy to help put an article together if anyone would like to contribute to The Bulletin.


Martin VK3TMP


Assembled. It's around 3/4 wavelength so how do you photograph that!

Face of J Pole bottom.

Bottom view of J Pole

Base mount. This mount only requires a sheet metal screw to secure each element snugly as there is no torsional load on the screw.

Coax connection points to the J pole.

Seated view of sections in storage/transport position.

6Mtr J Pole

Storage position for middle section (right) and top section (left). Collars shown. These sections are stored inverted.