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Order Provigil Online Canada, Buy Real Provigil Online

For general enquiries, please email: vk3er @emdrc.com.au or committee @emdrc.com.au

PresidentJohn LongayrouxVK3PZpresident @ emdrc.com.au
Vice PresidentDavid WilliamsVK3RUpresident @ emdrc.com.au
SecretaryJonas SadauskasVK3VFsecretary @ emdrc.com.au
TreasurerJohn LongayrouxVK3PZtreasurer @ emdrc.com.au
CommitteeDavid ScottVK3FDRScommittee @ emdrc.com.au
CommitteeRoger BakerVK3BKRcommittee @ emdrc.com.au
CommitteeBob DuckworthVK3AICcommittee @ emdrc.com.au
CommitteeLayton MossVK3CLJcommittee @ emdrc.com.au
CommitteeJaimie HallVK3TZEcommittee @ emdrc.com.au
CommitteeTrevor ScottVK3VTXcommittee @ emdrc.com.au
CommitteeLuke ErlacherVK3FLDCcommittee @ emdrc.com.au
The Radio BulletinEditorMartin PhilipsVK3MJPbulletin @emdrc.com.au
VK3ER Net ControllerPeter HartfieldVK3PH
VK3BNW Net ControllerDavid ScottVK3FDRS
Club Room Co-ordinatorDavid WilliamsVK3RUvk3er @ emdrc.com.au
Guest Speaker Co-ordinatorTBAspeakers @ emdrc.com.au
QSL ManagerDavid ScottVK3FDRSqsl @ emdrc.com.au
Education Co-ordinatorDamian AyresVK3KQlearning @ emdrc.com.au
LibrarianDrew DiamondVK3XU
Repeater ManagerRalph ParkhurstVK3LLrepeater @ emdrc.com.au
WebmasterJohn LongayrouxVK3PZtreasurer @ emdrc.com.au
MerchandiseDamian Ayers
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