Calling CQ for a century of aviation……VI3RVAC

Well that’s exactly what we did, on the 18th and 19th October 2014, what a worthy event. Special Event callsigns are rare and only allocated or supported by the Wireless Institute of Australia, and the ACMA, for rare and notable events. 100 years of aviation for an aero club, met the criteria.

I floated the idea of Carl are member of the East Mountain District Radio Club, some weeks back. Carl agreed that it was a worthy event, and worth perusing. He contacted the WIA, then followed up with the ACMA, as the deadline narrowed. I looked after getting approval from Airservices and Moorabbin Airport Corporation.

Then we needed a fitting venue to operate from, non better than the Australian Aviation Museum, Moorabbin’s own time capsule of aviation. The museum has undergone some change and redevelopment of displays, certainly the improvement is there to be seen. A visit is highly recommended. The museum President Ashley was very obliging and welcomed the event.

So Saturday 18th October we descended on the museum, a long with a few regulars, Jack, Joe, Damian, Carl, and myself were the core, along with a few visitors. We established two HF stations, working 10, 15, 20M, amateur TV broadcast from the site. Plus an attempted satellite bounce, more chance of catching fish. The satellite was missed by minutes while the antenna was realigned, and the satellite committee convened. The next pass I think was 1am, so will let that one go.

The unknown operating from the museum was the impact of the NDB 398Khz, nearby, along with normal VHF aviation radio comms. But fortunately no interference either way, so we where good to operate.

On HF while conditions were relatively quiet during most of the day, there was improvement in the afternoons. Over 100 contacts were made, notable countries, Cook Islands, USA, Bosnia, Slovenia, Russia, Netherlands, Wales, England, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Finland, Austria, Romania, and numerous Australian stations. It was interesting some Australian stations were aware of RVAC, one had actually trained there. One New Zealand station was also a pilot, so he was delighted to make the contact.

It was a very successful special event call, so good I have asked Carl to have it extended for a few more weeks, and operate from the EMDRC club and home QTH’s. The Callsign was also used in the recent CQWW SSB Contest, and what a mouthful of a callsign it was!

All stations contacted will receive the VI3RVAC Centenary QSL Card, which also contains a brief history of the club. These cards are highly sort after and may become a collectors item in years to come. The artwork and content is excellent.

Thanks to Carl, who did a lot of leg work, the members of the Eastern Mountain District Radio Club that assisted. MAC and Airservices. The Australia Aviation Museum, the gem of Moorabbin and a must visit. Thanks Glenn VK3CAM

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