Club roster for VI3ANZAC operation 20th-26th July 2015. Please email the club or call Andrew VK3BQ – 0411101021 if you would like to help operate from the clubrooms or use the callsign from your home.

Hopefully we can get lots of members and Hams to visit/attend the special event portable station Saturday 25th July from ~8am until dark from the One Tree Hill lookout – at the top of the 1000 Steps in Mt Dandenong.

1. “All” contacts need to be logged!

2. VI3ANZAC can only be operated from one location at a time.

3. You can only operate on all bands and use maximum power if an Advanced Amateur is also there. Otherwise, you must adhere to the License conditions of your own callsign.

4. Log must include: Callsign
Time (UTC)

Mode Frequency Signal Report

5. Preferred Logging Program is VKCL set up in “Station Log” Mode (the club computer should be already setup so when you open VKCL the VI3ANZAC log should appear.) Make sure you start “Omni Rig” from the Config menu. When Omni Rig is active the radio information for the band of operation should be displayed.

6. Please try to log with the Computer as this makes it a lot simpler for us to sort out QSL information.

7. Be polite on air. Remember, you are representing the EMDRC and the WIA

8. Our operating slot is from
Monday July 20th 00:00 EST until Sunday July 26th EST 23:59. There is to be no operation outside of these dates and times.

We plan to operate at the nominate ANZAC frequencies SSB 160m-1850kHz 80m-3.585MHz 40m-7.095 MHz 30m-10.120 MHz 20m-14.250 MHz 17m-18.115 MHz 15m-21.250 MHz 12m-24.935 MHz 10m-28.450 MHz

Any problems email the club.

Date Time Location Who
Monday 20th TBA EMDRC Clubrooms TBA
Tuesday 21st 6pm-Late EMDRC Clubrooms Jack VK3WWW VK3KQ
Wednesday 22nd 6pm-Late EMDRC Clubrooms VK3WWW David VK3DLR Greg VK3ND Andrew VK3BQ, VK3FMHY + more
Thursday 23rd 10am-2pm   6pm-Late EMDRC Clubrooms Thursday Monring Group. Evening Jack VK3WWW
Friday 24th 6pm-Late EMDRC Clubrooms VK3WWW + Pizza NIGHT!!!
Saturday 25th 6am-8pm One Tree Hill Lookout Club Portable Station All Club Members welcome.     Jack VK3WWW is contact
Sunday 26th TBA EMDRC Clubrooms TBA

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