Club Project - PortaMast

December 2010 Update.

Following the successful release of both the 6 meter and 9 meter PortaMasts there has been a number of requests regarding the updating and production of a few key items associated with the project.

Firstly, we have updated the locking pin to a totally new design. The pin is all one piece so there is no more possibility of losing the lock clip or breaking the wire. All stock of both masts will now be supplied with the new locking pins. There is now plenty of stock of the locking pins available for anyone requiring replacement pins.

Secondly, the mast guy plates have now been sourced from a laser cutter supplier. All plates are identical as well as perfectly matching - both the 40mm and 44mm tubes. No more sticking guy plates. They are now made out of 3 mm aluminum plate for extra strength and also because of the production runs are now cheaper to purchase. All new masts are now supplied with 1 each of the new guy plates.

A hot topic that has arisen from a number of members using the Mast, is that of a portable situation for the PortaMast Base Unit. After the gathering of members idea’s and some practical expertise we have now been able to release the PortaMast Base. The unit is tilt over with a 250 mm x 4 mm Octagonal steel plate as the main component for support. With the use of various plumbing pieces and some brackets we have a functional Base. It will tilt in both directions. The base is supplied with an earthing strap should the mast need to be grounded or it can be left off to load up the mast if required. There is an added feature in that the mast base piece is removable from the main unit. It simply screws out. This allows that piece to stay on the mast protecting the bottom of the 3 tubes when compacted and being transported. All you need to add are 4 sturdy tent pegs around 350mm long. The bases are now available with all other PortaMast products.

Also now under development is a guying kit, I'll  have an update late January.


Part Number Description
PTM6 6 Meter Mast 3 Section Telescopic $70.00
PTM9 9 Meter Mast 3 Section Telescopic $95.00
HDB2 2 Meter Boom Heavy Duty $15.00
BC1 Boom Clamp ( Connects Boom to mast Top) $10.00
GP40 5 Hole Guy Plates 40 mm  $5.00
GP44 5 Hole Guy Plates 44 mm  $5.00
RRK1 Roof Rack Kit (mounts on Car roof rack and supports mast) $30.00
90DC 90 Degree Clamp (Connects roof rack to mast) $10.00
WC1 Wall Clamp (Connects mast to wall of garage $10.00
GC1 Gutter clamp (Very Heavy Duty) $15.00
UB1 UHF Barrel (Connects coax to ground Independent Antenna) $15.00
MM1 Mirror mount (supports UHF barrel to boom) $10.00
S6MT Set of 3 x 6 Meter Tubes (40, 44, 48 mm O/D) $170.00
QRP1 Quick release pins  $2.00
PMB PortaMast Base Unit  $30.00


Contact Damian VK3KQ for additional information.  
mastproject @