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Wireless Institute of Australia The Wireless Institute of Australia is the World’s first and oldest National Radio Society, being founded in 1910. The Wireless Insititute of Australia is a member of the International Amateur Radio Union and represents all Amateur Radio Operators in Australia to the various government bodies in this country
News West – VK6. NET Every week NewsWest broadcast the VK6 news. Download the audio file and have a listen. Always of interest.
VK DMR Information How Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is being used by Australian Amateurs
Australian National D-Star Web Site D-STAR is a new ham radio system which offers digital voice and data communication. It connects repeater sites over microwave links and the Internet and forms a wide area ham radio network. The DSTAR system provides a new capability and functionality to the ham radio world and increases the efficiency of emergency communications.
ARDF- Amateur Radio Direction Finding ARDF, or Amateur Radio Direction Finding Group, is an exciting branch of amateur radio, attracting people of all ages. Sometimes called Foxhunting or Radio Sport, ARDF is very similar to orienteering, the major difference being that participants use direction-finding equipment to locate radio transmitters, rather than navigating to known points on a map.
Australian Communications & Media Authority, Database of Hams
This information, about the operating procedures for the amateur service, can help prospective amateur operators studying for amateur exams.
Request for Investigation of Interference to Radiocommunications (apparatus licence)
Amateurs Visiting Australia
Amateur Radio Victoria
Strictly Ham Pty Ltd is our local amateur radio equipment retailer and a proud supporter/member of the EMDRC. See you at the Toy Shop.
RippleTech Electronics Tony VK3TZ – providing amateur radio operators with alternative products not currently available easily in Australia
Australian WWFF Awards
Australian Parks
Website of the Oceania DX Contest
Radio Society of Great Britian
American Radio Relay League
WA7RAI Yagi – design and modelling program.
Tony’s – Satellite info site
Improved signal reporting for narrow band digital modes
Tropospheric Ducting Forecast
International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend
SOTA International
SOTA Victoria (VK3)
Andrew – VK3BQ’s Ham Blog